Daily IELTS Answers – Money (Band 6.5 – Part 3)

Daily IELTS Answers – Money (Band 6.5 – Part 3)

What’s the best way to save money? 

“I think the moment you receive your salary you have to divide it into many parts, one part for saving, one part of children’s education and one part for the bills, or (mortgage) and the last part is the money you spend day by day, so once you divide the salary into a few parts, you have to put the money into the account immediately, otherwise, you will spend too much money. In my case, I always do that because I’m addicted to online shopping, so it’s too easy for me to buy things with credit cards!”
+Vocab: the bills – rent, gas, electricity you have to pay at the end of every month. – “Some families can’t afford to pay their bills these days.”
+Collocation: put money into an account – “I visited the bank so I could put some money into my bank account.” 

Do people in Taiwan save or spend their money?

“People in Taiwan seem to prefer saving their money rather than saving, I think that’s because our culture has taught us to save up for accidents or emergencies that might happen in the future. For example, if you have to pay your bills or you have a car accident and you have to pay, then you can give them some financial support. I think it’s good because in 2008 the financial crash damaged many Western countries’ economies, except for Asian countries, we survived the depression and it’s due to the good habit of saving money. It always comes back to spending too much money.”
+Collocation / Pair: accidents or emergencies
+Collocation: pay your bills
+Vocab: the financial crash – the world-wide economic depression which began in 2008.

Do schools in Taiwan teach kids about saving money?

“Honestly I don’t know the answer – because I’m far from my elementary school years, but I think the people in Taiwan, we prefer to teach kids about managing and saving their money because it’s important and it takes place in our daily lives. So we encourage children to save up to do big things such as – you have to own a car or a house before you get married, also for a good education experience especially overseas that – it’s always happening during childhood, parents teach their kids to save money, once they become teenagers or adults they can appreciate that working hard and saving money can build their future.”
+Vocab: my [school / university / teenage] years –
referring to a specific period of time. – “I used to love pop music during my teenage years, but now I like rock.” 
+Vocab: childhood – the time period from a baby to a teenager (5 – 18 years old)

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