Daily IELTS Answer – A time you taught someone (Band 7.0 – Part 2)

Daily IELTS Answer – A time you taught someone (Band 7.0 – Part 2)

“I’ve had lots of [experience with] some useful things, but the one that sticks out is the story how I taught my friend Donna [how] to use Instagram. Maybe a few months ago, she asked me for help it was quite weird because Instagram is quite popular social media app, but she was so confused by all these new applications so she asked me for help and I told her how to use these functions. Firstly, we installed the app on her smartphone and I described to her all the functions, how to make posts, how to shoot live videos and so on, and now she’s quite an active user on Instagram. I see lots of new pictures and for her it was quite useful [because] she can find new students for her business and show her students success, if I had the chance to teach her something else, I would like to do it again.”
+Collocation: have experience with smth. – “I have lots of experience with teenagers since I worked at a high school for 5 years.”
+Phrase/Exp – “but one that sticks out is…” – one memory or moment that is particularly special or interesting
+Collocation: install an app – put an application on a computer or phone
+Collocation: shoot a video – create or film a video with a camera or phone

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