Daily IELTS Answer – A Time You Lost Something Important (Band 7.0 – Part 2)

Daily IELTS Answer – A Time You Lost Something Important (Band 6.5 – Part 2)

Describe a time when you lost something important

“I remember – about 5 years ago – when I took a trip to San Francisco to go to a dermatology conference / seminar and I rented a car. I went shopping and I left my backpack inside the car in the parking lot. When I returned to the parking lot, my car window was broken and I was shocked because my backpack wasn’t there anymore. Although it was just a few seconds, I was really upset because I had all my documents, my passport, my ID and I had my mobile phone and everything I needed at that time. I had to call the police and ask them to help me with my things. After that, I went to the Brazilian embassy to ask for a new passport, so it was a terrible experience and always when someone leaves some kind of items in the parking lot I always advise them to be more cautious.”

  • Collocation: take a trip – took a trip – “I took a trip to New York last year.” 

  • Vocab: “the police” – Always the definite article
  • Vocab: dermatology conference / seminar – “I attended a dermatology conference.” 

  • Grammar – Passive Voice: “my car window was broken”  

  • Vocab: cautious (adj.) – careful, with care.

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