Daily IELTS Answer – Rest and Relaxation (Band 6.0)

How do Peruvians relax?

“We have different ways to relax, for example some people spend their free time at the beach and going to concerts or drinking. Other people spend time going to the pubs. Other kinds of people prefer going to the forest or into nature to learn more about wildlife. And other people like to spend their time travelling to parts of the city where people need  a lot of help and don’t have a lot of resources. It depends on the people.”
+Collocation: go into nature – 
“America’s national parks are a great way to go into nature and learn about wildlife.”

Are people more stressed nowadays?

“Yeah that’s true, I think because the technology has become more important and it evolves very fast, I think this evolution is exponential and it has changed very fast and this has given people more skills, like more technical knowledge and the most important companies prefer people with more years of experience because it decreases the amount of mistakes they make.”
+Vocab: exponential – “continuously / increasingly” – “Computers are getting exponentially smaller, cheaper and faster.”
+Collocation: make mistakes – “If you make a mistake at work, you should apologise immediately.” 

Has the way people relax changed very much?

“It has changed a lot because in the past, you have a discotheques, and the discos were very simple in the past, but now you have a lot of technology. Also in the past people were more calm, because now the young people spend their money and time more easily than in the past. I think, because it’s not true for all. It depends on the person.”
+Collocation: in the past – “In the past, the concept of a smartphone would have seemed totally impossible and ridiculous, but nowadays, it’s an ordinary device that everyone owns.”

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