Daily IELTS Answer – Pop Music (Band 7.5 – Part 1)

Daily IELTS Answer – Pop Music (Band 7.5 – Part 1)

Do you like pop music?

I don’t like pop music [too much]. Instead I prefer rock music or sometimes I listen to hip-hop music because it’s too popular and sometimes it’s too similar-sounding, so I need to listen to something different.
+Grammar: I don’t like something too much. – “I don’t like something very much / I quite dislike something.”   

Do you have a favorite pop music star?

Van Halen – and his band that is the quite old is my favourite one because they are a rock band – a [hard-rock] band actually, and they have written some of the best tracks in the world I think, like Jump and Panama, which is another [hit].
+Vocab: a hit – a popular song / track  

Which do you prefer — going to a live concert or listening to recorded music?

I’d like to go to many concerts and gigs but unfortunately I can’t because I’m very far from the main centres like Milan or Rome and it’s quite expensive to go there every time so usually I [listen to] more music on headphones than seeing something live.
+Preposition: listen to 
– common mistake at all levels

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