Daily IELTS Answer – Online Shopping (Band 8.0)

Why is online shopping so popular these days?

“I think there are several different reasons, but I think the main reason is because it’s so convenient. Thanks to smartphones, you can go shopping from anywhere. I’ve heard that 20% of people who shop online buy products while on the road, and another 20% shop online while in the bathroom! That wouldn’t have been possible 10 or 20 years ago, so clearly the internet has managed to revolutionise shopping and our shopping habits and made it so much easier for us to buy things.”

Vocab: revolutionise (v.) – dramatically change – “the internet has managed to revolutionise shopping”

Do you think that online shopping will replace retail stores in the future?

“I don’t think so, because there are still some downsides to online shopping which stop people from shopping online more often. One of the reasons is that you can’t feel or touch the products before you buy them, so people aren’t confident in the quality of the products. Another drawback might be that you if you don’t like the product you’ve just bought, it’s quite tricky to send it back. So I think that puts a lot of people off online shopping.”

+ Vocab: downsides – disadvantages – drawbacks
Phrasal Verb: put off (separable) – “I think that puts a lot of people off online shopping.”

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