Daily IELTS Answer – Money (Band 7.0 – Part 1)

Daily IELTS Answer – Money (Band 7.0 – Part 1)

Did you save or spend your money when you were younger?

“When I was younger, I had just a small allowance and I couldn’t save it because it was exactly the cost of going to school and buying lunch. So I couldn’t save anything when I was younger.”

  • Vocab: an allowance (n.) – a regular, amount of money given to a person by a parent or a senior figure

    • Also known as pocket money

Do Brazilian parents teach their kids about money?

“Actually, nowadays, is becoming a better country so they realised they have to teach their children how to spend and save their money. But when I was a child, we didn’t have this idea of saving money, and they only taught us how to learn grammar and maths, but nowadays, schools are becoming more pragmatic

  • Vocab: A daily/ weekly / monthly allowance

  • Vocab: pragmatic (rational) (adj.) – dealing with practical problems in a sensible and mature way

How would you teach kids to be better with their money?

“I’ll give my son an allowance as soon as I know he’s able to spend his allowance. Even when a person is young, they can learn about money and saving since they are kids. So if he asks me for a toy or a video game, I will say okay. I will give you a monthly allowance, and you can [SAVE UP] for it and we can go to a store and buy it. Nothing is free, e have to work for everything.”

  • Vocab: save up for itWe’re saving up for a holiday next year.

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