Daily IELTS Answer – Losing Things (Band 7.0 – Part 3)

Daily IELTS Answer – Losing Things (Band 7.0 – Part 3)

What kinds of things do people lose most often?

I think the mobile phone is something that people always lose because it’s something small and we carry with us everywhere. It’s something that we sometimes leave in some places and I usually have friends and relatives who have lost their mobile phones. Nowadays, it has become easier to find it, because they have an app and we can look for it (track it and locate where the phone is) so it’s easy to find where we have left our phone.

  • Vocab: track (v.) – follow with technology – You can use an app to track your phone if you lose it.”

Why do some people lose things do often?

I think it depends on the personality of each one, for example, I have method that I always use, where I carry a bag with a special place for my mobile phone, my wallet and my ID, so I always check my bag if everything is in the right place. But there are some people who are not organised and usually lose some items because they don’t have a habit of checking.

  • Collocation: use/ have a method 

    • We are using the latest methods to treat her condition

  • Collocation: [a habit of checking]  

How can parents teach their kids to be organised?

Since they are very young, these days we can see a lot of shelves and boxes to organize toys and we have some special shelves to organise books, so I have the habit of tidying up all the things my son isn’t using anymore. I put these things in a closet, so the self is very organised so they can pick up that habit from childhood. They can learn to avoid having clutter in their bedrooms, so we can have a better life is we just use the things we are going to use. We’re not sentimental.

  • Vocab: tidy up (ph. v)

  • Collo: pick up a habit – develop a habit based on parents / peers

  • Pattern: learn to [avoid having] – learn to [avoid verb+ing]

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