Daily IELTS Answer – Describe A City (Band 7.0)

Describe a city you visited that you liked 

“I’d like to talk about my trip to NYC. I’ve been there many times and my favourite season is autumn because in autumn we can see many different shades of brown. I love to walk in the street near central park and see the leaves falling down from the trees. NYC is a huge bustling city that, wherever you are, you have the kind of cuisine you love and it hits the spot. there are all the kinds of movies theatres that you want to go, and it has a wonderful nightlife also, but it’s not a baby-friendly city. I went there one year ago with my son and we didn’t have a wonderful time, like before, because all the places you go aren’t [accessible for families] so we just walked on the streets and had fun in the Bronx Zoo. I’m looking forward to going again with my son and I hope next year I can go there and do some more activities with my son, like visit the Statue of Liberty, go to the top of the Empire State building and we will have more fun because he will be older and so we will be able to go to more places.”
+Collocation: hit the spot – something satisfies you perfectly – “That pizza was absolutely perfect. It really hit the spot.”
+Vocab: baby-friendly – suitable, convenient and accessible for families with babies – “The building now has an elevator, so it’s much more baby-friendly.”

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