Daily IELTS Answer – Big Cities (Band 7.5)

What are the advantages of living in a big city or big town?

First of all, one of the best things is that it’s so convenient. You can really find just about about in a big city or town. City high streets usually have everything from clothes shops, to restaurants, to supermarkets, you can literally find anything you need in one place. Secondly, there are a lot of things to do at night. Nightlife is always better in the city. There’s a place for everybody, for different tastes in music or atmosphere, while in the countryside or a small town there are probably just a couple of small pubs or restaurants, and that’s it.
+Listing Ideas: First of all — Secondly
+Giving advantages: ‘one of the best things is’
+Vocab: nightlife (n.) –  the entertainment and activities you can find in the evenings (bars, restaurants, clubs etc.)

What are the disadvantages of living in a big city or big town?

Firstly, I think there are a lot of negatives of living in a big town. The first one is we always have rush hour, so we spend hours in traffic jams and that delays our [commute] to work. Secondly, as the town is very crowded, it’s impossible to find a good table in a restaurant, or in the cinema or a ticket to a show because all the time we have to buy these things in advance or schedule / book (v.) these things many days before. The third reason why living in a big city is not so good is because the violence in the city centre is growing fast so we have more cases of mugging, assaults, drug dealers so we are so much more exposed in a big city than we would be in a rural area or a small town. So there are many cons to living in a metropolis.
+Giving disadvantages: ‘there are a lot of negatives of’ —  ‘The reason why living in a big city is not so good is…’
+Vocab: book (v.) – order, reserve something – “At the 5-star restaurant in Paris, you have to book a table at least 5 months in advance.”
+ Vocab: [commute] (n. + v.) – Your journey to work – “I commute to the office.”
Commuters – People who are going to work.
+ Grammar: TRAFFIC JAMS – countable – “There are a lot of traffic jams on the roads.”
Traffic (uncountable) – There is a lot of a traffic on the roads.

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