Daily IELTS Answer – An activity with an older person in your family (Band 7.0 – Part 2)

Daily IELTS Answer – An Activity with an older person (Band 7.0 – Part 2)

“I’ve never had an older friend but this person completely changed my opinion about friendship between young and old people. I met Donna several years ago, she was my online tutor, she’s American and one activity that sticks out is our trip to London. I went to London to take my first IELTS exam to study and to travel of course, we had so much fun spending time together. We visited a lot of famous places and she is a very good friend, and she’s a very experienced person due to the fact that she has the same profession as me. I would like to go to other countries with her like France, probably next year we will go there together. I’m sure it’ll be a very memorable and fantastic trip.
+Phrase/Exp – 
‘one thing that sticks out is…’ – one specific moment or memory is special or more interesting than others
+Collocation: take an exam – “I’m going to take my IELTS exam next week.”
+Grammar: indefinite articles – she is a good friend / she is a clever woman / it will be a great trip

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