Video Lesson: IELTS Speaking Part 3 Examples

Video Lesson Part 3 IELTS Speaking Test Examples

Part 3 Questions and Answers:
Phrases and Expressions for using better examples to support your answers

A lot of students worry about Part 3 of the IELTS Speaking Test. The examiner expects longer answers, and the questions become more difficult too. Naturally, students worry that they won’t be able to say enough to develop their answer, especially about topics which they’ve never really thought about.

Part 3 Examples = Support & Develop

Examples help you develop your answer and support your ideas.

This is also something you can easily prepare for by yourself. You will get a chance to practise some of these new phrases and think of some of your own examples in the Worksheet attached to this post.

Here are the phrases I will use in the IELTS Speaking Test Part 3 Samples in the video:


  • When I…
  • As for me…
  • In my experience…
  • In my country…
  • I’ve seen… / I’ve noticed… / I’ve heard…
  • You can find… / You can see… / You will find…


Each of these phrases can help you to connect an experience, an observation, or a specific instance to your ideas and opinions.

  • An important thing to remember: Your example should support and develop an idea you already said. Your example shouldn’t be the answer to the question. Personal examples should just help you illustrate a point. You will see this in the speaking samples in the video.

Remember, if you need some extra time to think, read our post on hesitation devices to help you organise your thoughts first.

You’ll see 6 IELTS Speaking Test Part 3 examples of these phrases in action in the video. If you’d like to follow along with the Scripts, download some free Part 3 Worksheets and enjoy an Audio Download to listen on the go, you can find those all those below the video:

This IELTS Video Lesson for Part 3 comes with Free Part 3 Worksheets to practice using these new IELTS examples to support your Part 3 answer: Check out , download the audio MP3 of the lesson, and read through the Written Transcripts so you don’t miss anything in our Video Lesson!

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