IELTS Vocabulary – Tourism

Watch and learn new IELTS vocabulary about Tourism from a native English speaker.

The video contains a full high band IELTS model answer. Grab a pen and paper and write down any new words you hear. There are also English captions to help you follow along.

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  • tourists – visitors or sightseers from another country
  • litter – waste or garbage dropped in public places
  • green areas / natural spaces 
  • natural habitat –  the place in nature that particular species calls home.
  • an influx – an arrival or entry of large numbers of people or things.
    “a massive influx of tourists”
  • byproduct – an unintended but inevitable secondary result.
    “he saw poverty as the by-product of colonial prosperity”
  • flood to – fill up, or take over completely
  • pave over – cover with concrete, usually to build something new
  • in their wake – the path or course of anything that has passed or preceded.
    “The tornado left ruin in its wake.”
  • respect the customs – pay attention and follow the rules and social rituals of another nation

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