IELTS Vocabulary – Inventions

Watch and learn new IELTS vocabulary about Inventions from a native English speaker.

The video contains a full high band IELTS model answer. Grab a pen and paper and write down any new words you hear. There are also English captions to help you follow along.

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  • centuries – 100 years
  • platform – a standard for the hardware of a computer system, which determines what kinds of software it can run.
  • educator – a teacher, a professor, a lecturer
  • concept – an abstract idea.
    “structuralism is a difficult concept”
  • make a shortlist – choose from a list of selected candidates from which a final choice is made.
    “a shortlist of four companies”
  • connect with 
  • harness the power – use the maximum of something
  • in the palm of your hand – accessible and portable
  • revolutionary – involving or causing a complete or dramatic change.
    “a revolutionary new drug”
  • radical – Synonyms: dramatic, total, complete
  • ridiculous – Synonyms: silly, funny, hard to believe

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