IELTS Vocabulary – Emails

Watch and learn new IELTS vocabulary about Emails from a native English speaker.

The video contains a full high band IELTS model answer. Grab a pen and paper and write down any new words you hear. There are also English captions to help you follow along.

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  • convenient – fitting in well with a person’s needs, activities, and plans.
    “I phoned your office to confirm that this date is convenient”
  • handwritten – written by hand with a pen or pencil
    “the house has a beautiful handwritten sign above the door” 
  • meaningful – having emotional importance
  • touching – emotionally powerful or moving
    “a touching scene in the film” 
  • that said – even so (introducing a concessive statement).
    “It’s just a gimmick. That said, I’d love to do it”
  • for obvious reasons – obviously, naturally, of course
  • make a mistake
  • spend time and effort
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Learn even more IELTS vocabulary with my Essential IELTS Vocabulary E-Course on Udemy.

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