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  • unbelievable rate – a surprising or shocking speed
  • high-rise buildings – tall skyscrapers, apartments or office blocks
  • gentrification – the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste.
    “an area undergoing rapid gentrification”
  • the high street – the main street of a town, especially as the traditional site for most shops, banks, and other businesses.
    “the approaching festive season boosted the high street”
  • chains – a group of hotels, restaurants, or shops owned by the same company.
    “the agency is part of a nationwide chain”
  • up to date – modern and relevant
  • multicultural – relating to or containing several cultural or ethnic groups within a society.
    “multicultural education”
  • commonplace – normal, expected, popular, typical
  • diverse – showing a great deal of variety; very different.
    “a culturally diverse population”
  • In my experience – referring to my own life and my own memories
  • the pace of life – used to refer to the speed at which changes and events occur
  • notable change – a significant, surprising or important difference
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Learn even more IELTS vocabulary with my Essential IELTS Vocabulary E-Course on Udemy.

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