IELTS Vocabulary – Companies

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  • Firms – businesses or companies
    “one of the biggest law firms in New York city”  
  • Branches – a division or office of a large business or organization, operating locally or having a particular function.
    “he went to work at our Birmingham branch”
  • Representatives – a person chosen or appointed to act or speak for another or others, in particular
  • Revenue – the money or earnings a company has or makes
  • Conglomerates –  a large corporation made up of several different companies
    “conglomerate firms”
  • Make deals 
  • Merge – combine or cause to combine to form a single entity.
    “the merchant bank merged with another broker”
  • Deal with – work with, do business with
  • Operate out of – work from, be situated in, be located in
    “the technical support centre operates out of Mumbai” 
  • multinational 
  • influential – having great influence on someone or something.
    “her work is influential in feminist psychology”
  • limited – restricted in size, amount, or extent; few, small, or short.
    “a limited number of places are available”
  • key difference – important or significant difference
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Learn even more IELTS vocabulary with my Essential IELTS Vocabulary E-Course on Udemy.

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